Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Hay Park Way thinglink

Today we have been learning how to create a positive digital footprint using thinglink.

Sometimes it is a fun way to share music and images but we thought it would be better for our learning to be shared on it.

Here is my thinglink about the Hay Park Way. The Hay Park Way is to be respectful, resilient and responsible.

If you click on my thinglink you can find out more information about these three values.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Comic strip-In a hundred years time

Hello bloggers

Today I have finished my comic strip and I want to show you what is a comic strip: A comic strip is when you have 6 boxes and you read a book with your teacher and then you get a photo of you book then you go on snapshot then there will be a batten where it says to finished then the photo will come then you can put your photo on your first box. A snapshot is when you go press insert and then you will see this box that says image you have to press on it then you will see it says snapshot then you press on snapshot then you will see something on the snapshot then it will say allow or close so you press on allow and the it will say allow again then the snapshot will come up.

If you have previous blog post about In a hundred years time you will notice how better have you have done in your reading writing and maths.

By hadiya

Monday, 14 November 2016

be funky

Be Funky

Kia orana blogging world

I have been learning about be Funky. Be funky is a cool website and on the website you can make your own photo and  there is also cool stuff to do is like go on  tools and change your photo.I have designed my photo in to a super hero.

I found challenging  to create a Super hero.Also there was other pictures that we could use and designate.Be Funky is also a good website because you can also upload a picture. Or you can search for a good  picture and you should not look for a proprieties picture.But if it doesn't work you can go to your drive and look for a picture.