Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Mana performance

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Today we had an assembly in our school with a man named Bernard. we had lots of fun! The first thing he did that I liked was with 7 hola hoops. First he went around & around then turned in to lots of animal like snake, bird, eagle. butterfly, bumblebee, and a horse with some  other animals it was the best day every for me and maybe for other people. It also made me laugh and laugh a lot. His name is Bernard Mangakahia Mana. He was so tired but did not give up and kept on going on doing his thing. I really liked the show and last year his dad came to watch the show that  Bernard Mangakahia Mana did.

Here is a photo of him.
By Hadiya
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Monday, 21 May 2018


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Today I will be telling  you about Pacific Ring of Fire that we did for this  term. Me and my learning buddy Fatimah we did My Maps & on My maps we joined the volcanoes to gather and Me and Fatimah then add some interesting facts

I really enjoyed doing my maps it was fun and if you people want to do my maps just comment so that I can make a blog teaching people how to do my maps for people who don't now.

Thursday, 30 November 2017

Summer learning journey

Kia orna
today I'm going to do my favorite country.My favorite country is Australia because Australia is an island county located deep in pacific ocean.In Australia there 24.4 million people.In Australia the main country are Canberra,Sydney,Brisbane,Perth,Melbourne.In Australia there is one official  language and that is -English.

From Hadiya


Today at Hay park school we did some orienteering it was fun my best sport was orienteering the first time we tried orienteering we thought it is going to boring but when we started doing orienteering it was fun we had to make buddy. When we started doing orienteering we had a map and a paper to clip the right word.The mans name was Lyon he said to put the map the right way so we now were we going to find the clip and then clip it on the paper.when we did it today we riles ed it was the best sport ever.Today when we did the orienteering we had letters. On the paper it was numbered up to 16 it was the fun sport that i like and i think it is my first sport.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Summer Learning Journey Practice - Activity One

Today I'm going to talk about my favorite country. My favorite is Canada because it is the second largest  country in the world and it is 9.98 million square kilometers.In that world there is 35.9 million people.
There are two official languages in Canada and they are - English and French.There national sport is ice hockey,lacrosse,American football,soccer,basketball.There is some people that live but there are from different country's and they are - white people,Asian,Aboriginal,Black,Latin American,
other.Canada is the best place for me.

Thursday, 16 November 2017


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Today I'm going to talk about orienteering. In orienteering we had lots of fun we had 20 maps and And there was some meant bottles with letters on it.when we started doing orienteering we had one meant bottle and a map of our school we had a buddy and one buddy went to hide the meant bottle and we got the map and went to find it.

Thursday, 9 November 2017


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Today at swimming we had lots of fun.the first thing we did when we came to our group is we ward the life jacket then we sat on the side of the pool.Our coach name was Yash.In swimming we had to do is jump in the pool and did a back float it was so fun when we did the black float and did you now my favorite thing is swimming.