Thursday, 30 November 2017

Summer learning journey

Kia orna
today I'm going to do my favorite country.My favorite country is Australia because Australia is an island county located deep in pacific ocean.In Australia there 24.4 million people.In Australia the main country are Canberra,Sydney,Brisbane,Perth,Melbourne.In Australia there is one official  language and that is -English.

From Hadiya

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  1. Hola Hadiya,
    my name is Cia. I am a Summer Learning Journey blogger who will be working with you over the summer break.

    I like how you wrote about the main cities in Australia, I learned something new. Perhaps next time you could try writing about some cool landmarks or monuments located in Australia.

    It reminds me of when I went to Ocean Beach up north in Whangarei, I’d definitely like to visit there again when I travel back up to Whangarei. If you were to visit Australia where would you go? Let me know what the place is called and where it is.

    Well done for making a good start to the Summer Learning Journey, I look forward to reading more of your posts this summer.

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i ('See you again' in Samoan),